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As a solution-oriented therapist, my goal is to help you find answers to the issues that are troubling in your life. If you are in a relationship that you feel you must leave or end with divorce because you are at your wit's end and do not know what else to do, therapy can help set the relationship on a better course.  Having successfully worked with hundreds of couples over more than 30 years, my experience is that relationships get better when partners realize more clearly how each is contributing to the difficulties between them. Anger and resentment, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors, often cover true feelings of unresolved hurt, pain, and disappointment.  Having an expertly trained relationship therapist help you sort out unresolved challenges from your present and past life that might be getting in the way of a healthy, loving relationship with open and honest communication, can set you on a more positive course to the way of being together you so desire. 

I make HOUSE CALLS for those of you who would like to have professional therapy in the privacy of your own homes.

As a specialist in the successful treatment of alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, sex addiction, gambling, shopping, and other compulsive behaviors that might be getting in the way of a healthy relationship and a more successful and fulfilled life, we will work together to better understand and resolve these challenges in your life.  By looking at what works best for you, we will deal with long-standing patterns or negative perceptions that might be holding you back.  Instead of seeking divorce as the only solution, by addressing the struggle with substance abuse and other addictive behaviors, you will be able to feel more hopeful about all aspects of your life. 

I fully understand that when early childhood issues, including trauma, abuse, and unfulfilled parenting, are left untreated, physical and emotional symptoms can plague individuals by causing problems in later life. Relationship problems can lead to divorce, trauma can lead to bodily aliments, addiction often leads to compulsive acting-out and low self-esteem, unresolved anger can manifest in depression. 

By being active in the sessions to provide insight and feedback, I will work with you to resolve problems and come up with solutions to successfully help make your life and your relationships better and more gratifying. 

In addition, as a certified Equine Mental Health Specialist, I provide therapy with horses and other exotic and friendly farm animals, for personal growth, insight, and education when requested. 

If you would like to discuss your personal concerns with me, please call me for a complimentary and confidential telephone consultation.

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